Monday, January 30, 2006

Workshop with Lorraine Mootz

What a great time we had this weekend! Lorraine Mootz came to the Azalea House Sampler Guild. Jill arranged to have Lorraine come to the Azalea House and give us a wonderful slideshow and lecture on her great collection of needlework tools. What a fount of information she is! In the afternoon we worked on an exquisite kit she designed for us from a needlebook in her collection. I can't wait to get mine done and use it for my new favorite John James petite needles. Years ago needles were very precious and well cared for. I like my little needles so well and I can't get them locally so I kind of know the feeling.

Several of us stayed the night at the Azalea House Bed & Breakfast and had the opportunity to have dinner with Lorraine and catch up on her busy life and hear about some of her work at the Celle Museum in Germany. I'd love to see her collection of samplers and tools and I have long planned to go to Celle with a German friend of mine and now I have another reason to put that trip at the top of my list.

Lorraine graciously gave me a consult on my Dutch sampler. I had been concerned about the church and it was so great to be able to talk to someone who has so much experience. I feel better about it now and happy that my instinct was right.

I also made some changes on my sampler again. I'm wondering if I'll ever be satisfied. A little problem with Caleb and Joshua bothered me, so I finally frogged it and changed them. Now their faces are a little more distinct and I moved the whole works up a little. I should have changed it when I first noticed it. It just kept nagging at me. I feel like I have to offer my very best for my 9th great grandparents...gee, I hope they were nice people!

I also added a cute little Weather Pixie to the blog. She tells me how to dress for the weather. She's so cute, I decided to put on another one to show me the weather in Virginia where most of my family is. Click on the pixie if you want to see your weather.

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