Friday, January 27, 2006

Staats Sampler - Progress

The designing process goes on. I've made some more changes. I knew it would be this way and I enjoy the freedom I have to change things around. I'm stitching down the left side and I decided the deer didn't stand out enough from the fencing, so I frogged what I had and made him a shade darker. I am pleased with the results.

I lined up the motifs with the border and HORRORS! I was off by a row and the mistake was in the very first motif. The little bird's neck is two rows long and I only put one. What to do? Well, it's my sampler, so I just deleted a line. I'm using PCStitch Pro to do the graphing and it wasn't very hard. I did have to juggle the motifs a little bit to move them into position without catching the motifs to the right of them, but it wasn't hard...the wonders of technology! I remember back when I charted everything by hand. I'd be trying to remember that my count was off as I started each motif.

It's going faster than I thought it would. Part of it is the size of the motifs. Most are the perfect size for an evening or two and it's hard to put it away when I am almost finished. I just have to see how the finished motif will look, so I've spent some late nights.

I'm going to a mini sampler retreat in Palatka, FL. It is our regular sampler guild meeting which is held at the Azalea House B & B. A few of us are going down the day before to get some extra stitching in. Lori Mootz is giving a needlebook class and she is also doing a slide show for our workshop. It should be a great class and lots of extra stitching too.

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2miaou said...

I have just read you by Nici, for the Mystery Puzzle!
You have a lot of very big projects for this year wouuuuaaaah!
I wish you a lot of succes to stitch all thats!
sorry for my englisch, I am French

bye bye, read you soon