Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Samplers for 2006 continued

This is the other sampler I will work on in 2006. It's charted by Permin and I got it from Wyndham which is where I got Zeeland. I really like the Permin samplers, especially the ones from the Celle Museum. This one is a Quaker design and I though it would help to round out my collection. It has the added advantage of traveling well. It only has 2 colors so it fits well in my organizer and I don't have to carry a whole bunch of floss minders with me.

I have a nice little rotation chart with 1 hour segments on it. I plan to work on each sampler for 10 hours and then it is on to the next one. The rotation chart wasn't my original idea, but the chart I made on an excel spreadsheet and I would gladly share it with anyone. Just email me at hawnsmith@comcast.net and I'll send it. It has really made my stitching life easier. I have several projects where I have stalled and using the chart has helped. I really don't like doing Queen's stitch and it helps to know that I only have to do them for 10 hours and then I can get on to something I like better.

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