Monday, December 05, 2005

Dutch Sampler Changes

I've been working on my design and right away I made a change. I had some Blue Spruce floss from Weeks Dye Works and I thought it would be great on the border. The color doesn't change very much, but there is more life in it than the regular floss, especially on such a long uncomplicated border. I like the overdyed floss if the colors are very similar, so I cut the floss long and doubled it. I made a new picture of the pattern, but the change is very subtle. I am thinking about another color for the little flowers in the border also, but this will mean an online trip to my LNS.

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woolwoman said...

Hi Anne - I have a slow afternoon at work and thought I would check the Dutch sampler you mentioned in your email. It is quite stunning - WOW - You are going to be a busy girl - Me too - I am starting another Long Dog design christmas weekend - Moulin Rouge - a quaker adaption and New Years weekend - French Alphabet Sampler - those are designed especially for the stitcher and have my maternal ancestors hidden in the sampler. Thanksgiving weekend saw the start of the gorgeous Edcina Pieters - a Groningen black Dutch sampler. HUMMM - looks like 06 will be busy with BAP's - Hope you have a wonderful holiday season - Melody