Thursday, January 11, 2007

Homeschooling and stitching

My daughter and I have decided to start homeschooling her son, Jacob. For many, many reasons, we are unhappy with his school situation. The biggest is that Florida has the FCAT and the teachers are having to teach to the test at the expense of true learning. Add that to the fact that the school has been in lockdown twice this year, first when a man committed murder and suicide and second when the police were chasing a criminal. The latter just as the parents were picking up the kids. This school is in a nice neighborhood in a small town and yet, we can't feel like we are sending our children to school in safety. Add that to the wonderful results relatives have had, and the fact that the last regular grade I taught was 5th grade and it tipped the scale in the direction of homeschooling.

This however is going to really put a crimp in my stitching. There are the lesson plans, correcting papers and gathering material that I'll be doing in the evening plus the actual teaching time. I foresee much fewer hours available to stitch. Isn't a shame that life gets in the way of stitching?

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