Monday, April 10, 2006

Progress on Meinen Sampler

I have been stitching up a storm lately. It is so beautiful out on the upstairs porch and I find it compelling. I know that heat and humidity will soon strike Amelia Island Florida and I will be inside forever grateful to the inventor of air conditioning, so I am feeling only a little guilty for being so trifling.

It may be hard to see on these pictures, but the fabric is actually a color called platinum, a very light warm beige gray. It is similar to the tan of this blog. It is a beautiful shade and works well with these colors. I am working on the large lawn area around the cottage which contains numerous odd animals. It is hard to put it down when one of them is emerging.

I'm also finding more about my great-grandmother...clues to the person she was. Mother said that she alwas greeted them saying, "Wie gehts." (I hope I have spelled that correctly.) When she left, she always said, "I go now." This is an important clue because her parents were from Belgium, a country with three languages, French, German & Dutch. Her father's name was Pierre, but he was also called Peter. She may have spoken some French, but this indicates that German was her native language.

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