Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Knitting

I belong to a group called "Hurricane Knitters." Someone wondered if it might be better to change to a name that didn't bring up such bad memories, but most everyone said they wanted to keep the name. I'd wanted to keep it also. It reminds me what a comfort my knitting is to me during times of stress. During the Floyd evacuation and other hurricanes we have ridden out with no power for days and days I did a lot of knitting. I think I have finished a kids sweater for every hurricane. To me, it is something creative coming out of something negative. It also reminds me of all that the Katrina victims have lost. It isn't only the big things like houses and furniture. It's all those little things that make our life uniquely ours.

If I lived near those places where the hurricane victims were staying, I'd bring some of my stash and needles and teach knitting to everyone who wanted to learn. It wouldn't be much, but I know how much it comforts me and for people living in a shelter with nothing to do, it just might make time pass a little easier.

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